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Helsinki Fashion Week Debuts First Digital Show

Helsinki Fashion Week Debuts First Digital Show
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An environment within the Digital Village, the Digital Sanctuary was built by combining time-tested frequencies and colours with immersive environments, all designed to optimise the physical and mental wellbeing of the User. The aim is to find ways of transforming the greater digital space in a sustainable way, using ‘smart’ environments to achieve a positive influence on our state of being.

The Fashion Week thus becomes a multiverse of rich experience: each show complete with its own sounds, colouring, environments, music, interactions, and movements; between safe-havens of personalized space in the form of the Digital Sanctuary.

Creating and designing a space in the virtual realm, as with the Digital Village, follows the same principles when creating a space in the physical realm; and is ultimately a way to study the impact of certain design factors on people, in order to continuously improve the human experience within the digital space, and refine the needed but often overlooked question of ‘digital sustainability’ of the internet.

One certain approach is to combine the virtual environment with a virtual companion. This companion is not just a chatbot, but essentially becomes a mirror of the User. By gathering narrative data and understanding the preferences of the User, the Sanctuary adapts accordingly, becoming a customized extension of reality where your digital twin, a reflection of you the User, can thrive.

We encourage Users to repeat the words they are feeling as their moods shift over the duration of the Sanctuary experience. This narrative data then feeds into the foetus, also know as the simulator, in order to nurture and further personalize the Sanctuary space.

Each User in the Digital Village has their own Sanctuary with their very own stimulators that processes User sound data and other reactions at different stages of the experience. The Stimulator evolves in line with your inputs and becomes the space you envision. The processed data will then be used to create an unique personal space, tailored to individual Users, in the 2nd edition of the Digital Village.

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